Growing Room of Berlin has 3 separate, spacious playgrounds that allow for maximum gross motor development. With solid, poured-rubber surfaces, and shade shelters, safety is our top priority when learning outdoors. Each playground has a climbing and play structure, and a fleet of bikes and trikes.

The benefits of outdoor play for young children are numerous. Going outside to run, skip, climb, and ride bikes in the fresh air gives children great opportunities to strengthen their gross motor coordination while socializing in a vast, outdoor classroom.  At Growing Room of Berlin, we have over 10,000 square feet of outdoor space for our children to explore. Our state-of-the-art, solid rubber surfaces are designed for safety and reduced injuries during outdoor play.

Sun safety is always on our minds and the children have 3 shade shelters to play under while the sun is high in the sky. We have a large climber with 3 slides and a rock-climbing wall, a tree clubhouse, and an activity station with dinosaur tic-tac-toe, a Braille alphabet panel, driving station, and puppet theater.  In addition, children can look through stationery binoculars and a telescope, play endless rounds of funnel ball, and create music using oversized drums, wind chimes, and a xylophone.

While outside, children have access to bikes, balls, hula-hoops, chalk, as well as other items designed for cooperative play with peers.  Water stations and picnic tables offer children quieter places to sit and recharge their batteries! During the warm weather, we have water tables and sprinklers that provide cool fun in the heat. Outdoor play at Growing Room Berlin is an integral part of our curriculum and a most important time of the day.