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Following are the most frequently asked questions parents have prior to enrolling their children at Growing Room.

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[trx_accordion_item title=”Can I visit my child throughout the day?”]

Absolutely! Feel free to join your little one at lunchtime, playtime – anytime!


[trx_accordion_item title=”How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?”]

You are always welcome to visit or call during the day, and when you pick your child up her teacher will give you a Daily Activity Report. Your child’s teacher will note how long they napped, what they ate of her lunch today, and how well she is doing with her potty-training. Her teacher will also describe all of the fun activities that your child and her friends participated in during the day. Your child’s projects will be in their Parent Pocket folder daily. Some locations are equipped with tablets which will allow you to get digital daily activity reports on your smart device or through your e-mail via Preschool2me. These reports will contain pictures, lesson plans and other important information about your child’s day at our school.


[trx_accordion_item title=”What are your rates? “]

Because we offer many different programs, full-time, part-time, etc., and have various corporate discounts, we do not publish our rates.

Find the center nearest you and use the contact information for enrollment.


[trx_accordion_item title=”Are breakfast, lunch and a snack are offered? “]

Yes, we exceed the USDA requirements. We serve our meals in a friendly atmosphere called, “Family Style Dining”. During meal time, teachers sit with small groups of children and discuss colors and textures of food. They also encourage sampling on new foods. It isn’t unusual at all for a 2 year old who initially hates the thought of broccoli to love the taste of broccoli within a few weeks! Meals are prepared in our commercial grade kitchen.


[trx_accordion_item title=”Are toys sanitized daily? “]

Yes! As a registered nurse, the founder of our company has developed and implemented strict infection control policies and procedures that are used throughout our centers.


[trx_accordion_item title=”Do children go outside every day?”]

Absolutely! Oversized playgrounds are considered an extension of the classroom. In addition to running, jumping, and climbing, teachers plan nature walks, picnics, and art activities outdoors. Weather permitting, children play outside twice every day!


[trx_accordion_item title=”What type of security is provided? “]

There are security cameras in all classrooms and playgrounds with viewing provided for our center management as well as for our Parent Center. Parents are encouraged to spend time watching their children’s classrooms to see how the children adjust or to just experience various times in their children’s day. This is available anytime the centers are open.

Each center has locked security doors that are controlled by our front desk manager. It is her responsibility to verify identification prior to allowing access to the classrooms and children.


[trx_accordion_item title=”Is safe, reliable transport available to and from school?”]

Yes, we use our own vans and buses to transport your school-age child to and from school. All vehicles must pass a rigorous annual inspection, plus ongoing monthly inspection. Our bus/van drivers all have been screened through our MVR checks, are certified in first aid and CPR and have received intense training in strict bus safety policies and procedures.


[trx_accordion_item title=”How do classroom and outside play areas encourage learning and creativity?”]

Our entire campus, including our classrooms, public areas, and playgrounds are all specifically designed for age-appropriate learning. Our centers resemble a neighborhood, with a “gazebo” as the reception area, a rest stop (The Parent Corner) where parents can watch live video of their children’s classroom or either playground. We also provide important parent literature such as tips on potty training, car seat requirements, and other information sheets that are helpful information for parents. Our hallways are filled with textures, words and three dimensional items that define our neighborhood. One will see a giant “Book Mobile,” resembling a Growing Room bus, a grocery store, a bakery, a fire engine with working light, a theatre, dance studio, a candy store, a toy store, working street lights and more.

Our classrooms are bright and colorful with big picture windows both interior and exterior. Using specific early childhood standards, our classrooms are designed by our team of experts to provide a print-rich environment. Children are surrounded by letters, words, numbers, intergenerational posters, family photos, and more. For example, you will see books on tape, small group games about literacy, labeled.


[trx_accordion_item title=”Does curriculum prepare your child for school?”]



[trx_accordion_item title=”What curriculum does Growing Room use?”]

The Growing Room curriculum, “Growing Up on Our Block” is a literacy – based curriculum that encourages a child’s learning by tying activities to one another, and building on their prior knowledge. Growing Up On Our Block” teaches the alphabet, colors, numbers, concepts, and various other skills.

“Growing Up On Our Block” our curriculum is carefully planned to show all children that learning is very fun and rewarding at the same time!


[trx_accordion_item title=”What extracurricular activities are offered?”]

Growing Room believes in providing a variety of extra-curricular programs that enhance each child. These programs will vary at each Growing Room location. This may include Spanish, Dance (Ballet and Tap), Playball, Soccer or others as available.

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As much as Growing Room would like to be a partner in your child’s education, we understand that this is a difficult decision. We created the following Tips for Choosing Child Care that may help you in your decision making.